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Built on a passion for all things motorised.

As you would expect being a 110 year old family business, we are all petrol heads and extremely passionate about whatever vehicle you drive. By leaving your vehicle with Rangers Garage, you can rest assured that our team will look after all your motoring needs.


Katrina Castle

Managing Director

James Watson

Workshop Manager

Robert Grinney

MOT Tester / Master Technician

Ollie Keane

MOT Tester / Technician

Jimmy Martin

MOT Tester / Technician

Matt Hitchen


Zac Williamson

Tyre Technician / Apprentice

Nick Sellwood, Service Advisor

Nick Sellwood

Service Advisor


Rangers of Durrington can trace its business roots back to the turn of the century, with the horse drawn wagonette in 1910 taking sightseers on trips to Stonehenge.

In the 1950’s, our present site Rangers Corner Garage was established. Since then we have been offering tyres and carrying out car servicing, repairs, mots.

Rangers Garage family business has been trading for over 110 years. Browse our timeline to see our adventures in motoring.

Rangers Garage History
Rangers wagonette

Rangers two-horse Wagonette used for outings to Stonehenge in 1910.

Rangers Garage History
Rangers Motor Omnibus

Rangers Motor Service omnibus in Salisbury Market Place in 1921.

Rangers Garage History
‘Woody’ type estate cars

With new cars almost impossible to purchase, automobile engineer Sylvan Ranger converted ex-army vehicles in to ‘Woody’ type estate cars.

Rangers Garage History
Sylvan Ranger built the STRANGER

For racing, Sylvan Ranger built the STRANGER, Stonehenge/Ranger stock car and raced all over the UK at venues such as Matchams Park in Ringwood.

1950s & 60s
Rangers Garage History
Go karts for the army camps

Forward thinking Sylvan Ranger purchased a number of ‘Go-Karts’ which he trailered round to various army camps and set up makeshift race tracks within the barracks. These karts were an instant success with local soldiers and civilians alike.

1950s & 60s
Rangers Garage History
Karting at Thruxton

Michael Ranger karting at Thruxton circuit.

Rangers Garage History
Hillman Imp

In 1963 the Hillman franchise that Rangers Garage held, enabled access to the new Hillman Imp. It was soon evident to Sylvan Ranger that these potent little rear engine cars would be good for production car trials.  These nimble Imps often beat some of the more popular drives such as the Ford Escort. 

Rangers Garage History
Arkell Rally crash

Michael Ranger and navigator John Martin built quick but somewhat fragile Rally Imps and whilst leading the Arkell Rally, they crested a hill flat out and promptly hit a tree flipping the Imp vertical and ending their day.

Rangers Garage History
Schoolboy Scramble club

4th generation in the family business, Alan Ranger started racing with Ringwood Schoolboy Scramble club in the late 70’s on a Suzuki RM80.

Rangers Garage History
Peugeot 205 GTi launched

The Peugeot 205 GTi was launched in 1984 now making it a modern classic. Most of the motoring press still acknowledge the 205 GTi as one of the best, if not the best hot hatch ever built.

Rangers Garage History
Front cover of Torque

The Peugeot 205 CTi (GTi cabriolet) was also popular. This Gutmann CTi of ours made the front cover of Torque.

Rangers Garage History
Mi16 (16V) engine conversion

Rangers Garage can lay claim to the first ever Mi16 (16V) engine conversion. Reg number F460 JAA was a joint venture between ourselves and the UK Gutmann tuning importer GM Design. We supplied and prepared many modified cars from new with Lynx and Zender, but mostly with our preferred and more subtle Gutmann.

Rangers Garage History
Toyah Wilcox

Singer and song writer Toyah Wilcox taking delivery of her Peugeot 205 Auto in 1988.

Rangers Garage History
90s Peugeot 205 Gti

We still have an immaculate unrestored Peugeot 205 GTi  in Laser Green from the early 90s with its period Gutmann accessories which shows us how fantastic these cars are even by today’s standards.

Rangers Garage History
Dickie Davis

TV sports presenter Dickie Davis takes delivery of his Peugeot 306 Estate.

Rangers Garage History
British Enduro Championship

Alan Ranger turns his hand to Enduro and under the watchful eye of mechanic John Towle, Husky Sport and John Deacon, Alan takes the Expert 4T class British Enduro Championship twice on his Husky Sport TE350.

Rangers Garage History
BMX racing

5th generation cousins Lewy Ranger and Ollie Keane take on BMX racing with Andover BMX Raceway Club. Both boys gain sponsorship with Profile racing and rank high in British Cycling National BMX Series.

Rangers Garage History
Following in dads footsteps

The BMX racing and fitness set them in good stead to progress on to motorbikes with Lewy Ranger following in his dad’s footstep in Enduro and Trial and Ollie in Trials.

Rangers Garage History
Belgium European BMX

Ollie Keane racing in Kortrijk, at the Belgium European BMX round in 2011.

Rangers Garage History
Mountain Bike Enduros

When Michelin released a new range of MTB tyres, Lewy Ranger tried his hand at a few Mountain Bike Enduros and in 2019 came 3rd overall in the ultra-competitive under 21yr class in the British series. 

Rangers Garage
Exeter and Lands End Trials

Cousins, Lewy and Ollie team back up with four wheels entering the challenging Exeter and Lands End Trials completing both events in the true spirit of a reliability trial. Both cars were prepared under the watchful eye of Uncle John Towle.

Rangers manager buyout
April 2024 Management buy out

We are delighted to announce our Finance director Katrina Castle has completed on a management buy out of Rangers garage.    

Alan Ranger says  
     " Katrina has been with us for 20 years and knows the business inside out ,  so we  were delighted when she and husband David approached us with the idea of an MBO. The Rangers name will remain and customers/ staff / suppliers can rest assured the fantastic service will continue. MOT tester Ollie Keane  continues to work for Katrina so keeps the sixth generation connection as his great great great grandfather was the founder Mark Ranger 
The Ranger family will retain the freehold of the Durrington premises and will focus  on this and other commercial property interests and wish Katrina the very best of luck "