Winter car servicing in Salisbury: How Rangers Garage prepare your car for winter

Winter car servicing in Salisbury: How Rangers Garage prepare your car for winter

When winter is approaching, it’s important that your car is in full working order so that it can cope with any spells of bad weather and won’t break down. Winter car servicing in Salisbury can ensure that you enjoy smooth winter running and avoid a troublesome cold snap.

According to research by car recovery organisations, you are twice as likely to break down in winter.

Winter car servicing, by expert mechanics at your local garage, is the best way to ensure that you don’t become another breakdown to add to the statistics.

In this article, we highlight some of the important car health checks that we carry out during a full car service here at Rangers Garage to prepare your car for the winter months.

Exterior Lights

Winter days are shorter and the weather is more unpredictable, so maintaining your exterior lights is an important step in the car servicing checklist. During the service, we make sure all front, rear, side and main lights are in full working order. We also check the hazard lights and indicators. Brake and reverse lights, fog lights and registration lights are also checked. We fix any issues with exterior lights, to keep you safe on the road.


During a car service at Rangers Garage, we check, top up and replace the engine oil as needed. We also check the condition of the oil filter and replace it if necessary. We check and top-up windscreen washer fluid and antifreeze, which is even more important in the wetter and colder winter months. The service also includes checking and refilling engine coolant levels and power steering fluids.


During a service, we perform a full inspection of the brakes. Brake inspections include checking brake fluid levels and fluid condition. We also look at the condition of the pipes which deliver the brake fluid. Brake pads are also inspected, to make sure they are working correctly. Any of the brake elements could be replaced if it’s necessary.


Your car service includes a full tyre check, including inspecting tyres for damage such as cracks and punctures. We also ensure the tyres have the minimum required tread depth. If your car is ready for new tyres, Rangers Garage offer tyre fitting at internet prices with a local garage service you can trust. If you do a lot of miles in winter, you may benefit from having winter tyres fitted. Winter tyres offer added grip when temperatures are below 7 degrees and in snowy or icy conditions.


In addition to the tyre checks, we also give the wheels a thorough inspection during the service. We make sure the wheel bearings and balancing are checked. The wheel alignment and suspension are also checked and adjusted as needed.

In addition to our standard service, we can also undertake comprehensive checks of other important systems to keep your car running smoothly over winter, including:

Car electrics and instruments

Car electrics and instrument tests ensure all vital car electrics are in full working order. We can also test the electrical instruments, including the rev counter, mileage counter, speedometer etc. to make sure they are working correctly. The battery and wiring are also checked for signs of wear and damage. Electrical checks keep you safe on the road and are critical to ensuring your car starts perfectly on the coldest winter mornings.


In addition to our standard service, we can also undertake comprehensive tests and checks on the engine components. Engine inspections typically include checking the air and fuel filters, the radiator, hoses, the clutch, fuel pipes, spark plugs, and the exhaust. We also check the drive shaft joints, gaiters and the suspension system. Rigorous engine tests and checks ensure you enjoy smooth running over the winter. Click to contact us for more information about comprehensive engine checks.

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