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Will purchasing winter tyres help to avoid extra car repairs Salisbury?

Will purchasing winter tyres help to avoid extra car repairs Salisbury?

As we’ve just been through a cold snap in recent weeks, many drivers will be considering whether it’s worth investing in a set of specialist winter tyres for their car. As you may already know, winter tyres have safety benefits and perform better, compared with all-season tyres, in cold and wet conditions. In addition to keeping you safe, the safety boost from winter tyres can also reduce the chances of you requiring extra car repairs in Salisbury this winter.

Winter tyres have been the subject of much debate over recent years. Warmer winters have meant that winter tyres have dropped down many motorist’s car maintenance priority list. When thinking of purchasing winter tyres for your vehicle, there is always a cost consideration which may make you think twice.

We thought that it would be helpful to answer the key question when it comes to winter tyres – ‘are winter tyres worth it?’

What are winter tyres?

The first question on many motorists’ lips maybe, how are winter tyres different from ‘summer’ / all-season ‘tyres? The clue is in the name of course, winter tyres are specifically designed for colder temperatures. A common misconception is that winter tyres are only good for snow and ice. In fact, many tests show that winter tyres are safer than ‘all-season’ (or normal) tyres whenever the temperature falls below 7C, whether it snows or not. Additionally, tests show that winter tyres also perform better in wet conditions.

Winter tyres are constructed differently to all-season tyres and have a ‘softer’ compound, with higher levels of silica and natural rubber. They are specially designed to stay soft and supple in colder temperatures. Winter tyres also have a deeper tread depth, and a larger channel for snow and water to pass through, which provides more grip on the road in icy and wet conditions.

What are the benefits of winter tyres?

The most obvious benefit of winter tyres is that they enhance road grip in colder temperatures. With motoring organisations reporting that we are up to 6 times more likely to have a car accident in winter, it’s clear that winter tyres can reduce the chances of being involved in a crash in the colder months.

In addition to the obvious benefits of enhanced road grip, which increases safety in wet and icy conditions, winter tyres also have an effect on stopping distances. Many tests by tyre manufacturers and motoring organisations show that winter tyres have significantly shorter stopping distances in both wet and icy conditions.

With enhanced grip and shorter stopping distances in cold and wet weather, winter tyres boost safety, which reduces the risk of you needing extra car repairs in Salisbury this winter due to being involved in an accident.

According to Stuart Jackson, the chairman of the UK’s leading tyre safety organisations TyreSafe –

“Cold weather tyres provide much better grip in both wet and dry conditions when the temperature falls below seven degrees, so they offer extra safety typically from October to March.”

Are winter tyres worth it?

According to experts, winter tyres work better than all-season tyres in cold, wet and icy conditions. Although snow and ice are not so common in Wiltshire, we do frequently have to drive in wet conditions. The temperature also regularly falls below 7C in these parts, below which winter tyres provide enhanced grip and shorter stopping distances.

Ready to find out how much winter tyres will cost from your trusted local garage in Salisbury?

Here at Rangers Garage we understand that buying tyres can be confusing. We all want to pay ‘internet prices’, but with advice and fitting at a local garage that we can trust.

To meet the demand for low prices, as you can find online, but with a trusted local garage service, we’ve invested in a dedicated tyre pricing website. Visit our car and van tyre pricing website today, to ensure that you get your tyres fit at the best possible prices.

To book your tyre fitting, or emergency car repairs, call our friendly and knowledgeable team today on 01980 65-55-55.

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