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Rangers Garage has been a trusted car garage in Salisbury for many motorists in and around Durrington and the Salisbury area for over 100 years.

We continue to receive 5-star reviews on Facebook and Google My Business, and have built up a great reputation by providing customers with affordable, reliable MOTs in Salisbury, as well as car servicing and repairs.

Whatever you choose Rangers Garage for, you can be sure of a warm welcome when you arrive.

With a team of highly experienced technicians and four MOT testers, we can confidently perform your MOT test quickly and efficiently. When we carry out your MOT in our Salisbury garage, we pride ourselves on being able to offer competitive prices compared to other local garages.

Read our FAQs below for more information on our MOTs or call us to book yours today on 01980 65 55 55!

Please note – there is about a 2-week wait for MOTs in Salisbury, please book yours in early to avoid disappointment! 

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New MOT changes: Making it harder to pass your MOT Salisbury

Have you heard about the new laws that have come into play around MOTs in the UK? If you haven’t yet, it’s worth getting up to speed with the changes so you can be prepared when yours is next due. With the changes only coming into play in May 2018, we’ve been getting our 4… Read more »

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  • How often should I get my MOT in Salisbury done?

    By law, if your car is older than 3 years, you are required to get your car a valid MOT certificate annually. If you are unsure when yours is required, please take a look at the government website here. You will be able to enter your registration number and see when yours is due.

    Please note- You will be able to book your MOT up to a month in advance and we always recommend booking it sooner rather than later. Please phone our team on 01980 65 55 55 for more information, or to book yours into our Salisbury independent car garage.

  • How soon can you fit me in?

    We always try to work around our customers and will fit you in as soon as possible, we are lucky enough to have four trained Salisbury MOT testers working at Rangers Garage which means we can usually fit your car in fairly quickly.

    We would always recommend booking in advance and not leaving it till the week your MOT is due, just in case there are unforeseen issues. Please phone our team on 01980 65 55 55 to book yours in.

  • How long does an MOT take?

    The length of time to complete an MOT differs depending on the age of your car, however, generally will not take any more than 1 hour to complete. Once the test is completed, there may be additional time if there are issues that need repairing before it can pass. However, we will always phone you up to discuss the additional work before we complete it.

  • What cars can you perform MOTs on?

    Our four trained Salisbury MOT technicians can perform MOTs on all makes and models of cars at our independent car garage, including 4×4’s, diesels and electric vehicles.

  • How much does an MOT cost with Rangers Garage?

    The cost of your MOT will be dependent on your car make and model, with smaller hatchbacks costing less than 4×4’s. For an exact price, please do get in touch on 01980 65 55 55!

  • If my car fails, what happens?

    With the new changes that have come into play, you, unfortunately, cannot legally drive your car if it fails, even if it’s technically before the MOT due date. We will obviously make you aware of any repairs that are required and the costs associated with them, as well as providing you with any suggested (but not vital) repairs that should be done.

    Once the repairs have been carried out, will then re-test your car for free to ensure you go home with a pass certificate.

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