Has your MOT expired?

Has your MOT expired?

After the COVID-19 MOT exemption that took place whilst garages were closed during the first lockdown, many motorists have been found to be driving without a passed MOT.

An article published by Garage Wire, has suggested that over 2 million drivers could be roaming the roads illegally now that restrictions have been lifted and drivers are out and about more.

Figures from the DVSA show that following the issue of MOT extensions during the first lockdown, one in five (19.5%) of those vehicles have yet to be retested.

Garage Wire

How to check if your MOT has expired

There are a couple of ways to check your MOT

  1. Speak to Rangers Garage – We can advise you of when your vehicle last had a passed MOT and if it’s overdue. Don’t worry, we won’t be reporting you to the police if you forgot to get your MOT, but it is a legal offence so it’s very important that you book in ASAP. Call our team today on 01980 65-55-55.
  2. Check the GOV website – You can see an update on your vehicle here. This gives you data on the last 5 years in regards to the previous MOT certificates.

Contact Rangers Garage today

You can book your MOT at our garage one month before the renewal date allowing you to ensure that there are no issues before getting back out on the road.

If you are one of those who forgot you get your MOT tested after the exemption period, get in touch today and we will book you in at our earliest convenience.

Learn more about our MOT tests.

Did you know that an MOT only takes about an hour? So you’ll be in and out of the garage in no time! Call our team on 01980 655555 or email us on reception@rangersgarage.co.uk.

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