New MOT changes: Making it harder to pass your MOT Salisbury

New MOT changes: Why it’s harder to pass your MOT test

Have you heard about the new laws that have come into play around MOTs in the UK? If you haven’t yet, it’s worth getting up to speed with the changes so you can be prepared when yours is next due.

With the changes only coming into play in May 2018, we’ve been getting our 4 MOT Salisbury testers trained up to know all the ins and outs. Here are some of the frequently asked questions customers looking for MOT in Salisbury have been asking us;

What has changed?

Faults with your car will now be placed into one of three categories; Dangerous, Major or Minor. Any faults deemed as dangerous will be an automatic fail and if the car is driven after the fail, you could be fined up to £1000 and are likely to still receive the fine even if your old MOT is still in-date.

You will still receive ‘advisories’ as per the previous MOTs which act as recommendations, or things to keep an eye on.

In addition to the categories, there are also extra checks that need to be done which the vehicle will need to pass.

What are the new items that will now need to be checked?

New checks that have been introduced to the MOTs include;

  • Seeing if the tyres are underinflated (it’s worth checking this before your test to avoid a fail)
  • Whether the brake fluid has been contaminated in any way
  • If there are any missing brake pads
  • Further inspection of the warning lights
  • If any leaks can pose a risk to the environment

Does it affect all vehicles?

Yes, all cars, vans and motorcycles will be affected by the new changes.

Will the changes make it harder to pass my MOT Salisbury?

Due to the increased number of categories, your MOT may be harder to pass, especially if your vehicle is older or has shown signs of issues in previous MOT tests.

Will it have a negative effect on me if I drive a diesel?  

It may make your MOT harder to pass due to the stricter rules around emissions for diesel vehicles. Your car will automatically receive a major fault if the tester notices;

  1. Smoke coming from the exhaust
  2. That the DPF (Diesel particulate filter) has been tampered with

Not all diesel cars have a DPF, so this will not affect all diesel vehicles.

Does it affect older vehicles?

Vehicles that are over 40 years old will now no longer require an MOT.

Can I have my MOT test before its due date?

You can submit your vehicle for its MOT up to 1 month before it’s due, however, this won’t affect the date that it passes if you do it early.

It’s always worth getting your MOT done 1-3 weeks early in case of any issues that need to be resolved which may leave you unable to drive your car.

How do I book my MOT Salisbury with Rangers Garage?  

Rangers Garage has 4 trained MOT Salisbury testers which are available Monday – Saturday to carry out MOTs. We have now been supplying Salisbury and Durrington drivers with car servicing for over 100 years now, so you know your vehicle will be in safe hands, our reputation in the local area has gone from strength to strength, view our 100% 5-star reviews here.

You can either contact us via email here to book, or call us on 01980 65-55-55.

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