Choosing new tyres

Everything You Need To Know About Choosing New Tyres

When was the last time you had all or any of your tyres changed? Whether you were given an advisory for one of more of them last time you had an MOT or service… but haven’t touched them since, or it might have been a while since you’ve driven your car and they could do with a little TLC. Whatever the reason, If this sounds familiar to you then it’s time to get them checked! 

Tyre defects can cause serious accidents on the road. Keep an eye on them to  save you a lot of money and time! 

With us all being in lockdown, you may feel like it’s better to wait until this is all over before getting your tyres checked… but actually, now is the perfect time to get little jobs like this done. Miss the post lockdown rush and give your friendly car garage in Durrington a call on 01980 655555 to arrange your new tyres or free tyre inspection. But in the meantime, this article explains a little more about choosing new tyres… 

Firstly, look out for signs of extreme wear and tear 

Your previous MOT certificate should have indicated which tyres are potentially in need of replacement. But a simple tread check is the first sign of a defective tyre… 

  • Grab a 20p coin (you may have to check in between your sofa cushions for this!) 
  • Slot it into the tread of your tyre 
  • If the tread covers the first rim of the coin, you’re all good
  • If it doesn’t, your tread is too worn out and your tyre needs replacing!

Learn more about checking tyre tread depth on the RAC website >> 

As well as checking the tread depth regularly, you should look out for obvious bulges, slashes and thinning to the rubber as these can also be clear signs that it’s time for new tyres!

Now, establish which tyres need to be replaced

This can be the frustrating part, unfortunately, if one of your tyres needs to be replaced you will likely have to change the opposite tyre too. Tyres should ideally be changed in pairs (front and rear) so that your vehicle isn’t unbalanced. 

Whilst we’re hoping this cold weather will be gone soon, low temperatures can also have an effect on your tyres, and the winter months put a lot more pressure on them than the summer months – They may need to be replaced sooner than you may think!

Next, work out what size you need

We’ve made this bit a little easier for you with our handy online tyre finder tool… simply pop your registration number in and it will tell you what tyre sizes you need for your car. 

Check it out here >> 

This tool allows you to select your tyre choice and request your booking date. Rangers Garage will then call you to finalise your booking details… it’s that easy.

Go tyre shopping (or give us a call!

Before you purchase your tyres online, it’s definitely worth considering whether to choose a premium, mid range or budget tyre. First, it’s good to know what you’re currently using… did they last a good amount of time? Were you happy with them? Here’s our thoughts on them… 

Budget tyres 

Yes, they’re cheap and cheerful, but there’s a reason they’re the budget option. If this is your second car which isn’t used that regularly, then a budget option could be fine. Just remember that they may not last as long as the more expensive options so the cost could even out in the long run.

Mid range tyres 

These tyres are a happy medium and generally are the most common choice. However, it’s worth looking at the tyre ratings to see how well they perform in various conditions compared with alternative ranges. 

Premium tyres 

If you’re really wanting to look after your vehicle then the premium option is going to be your best bet. These tyres go through rigorous testing and research providing the most economical option. They are more likely to stand the test of time, especially during long distance jaunts and off road as they use more resilient rubber. Get those tyres fitted asap!

Let our team at Rangers Garage Durrington help! 

When it comes to changing tyres you don’t want to wait around as they will only get worse. If you are not confident changing tyres yourself (or just don’t want to get out in these baltic temperatures) then we are happy to do the fitting for you. 

For the current availability at Rangers Garage Durrington, and to book in your tyre fitting, please call our team today on 01980 65-55-55. You can also see some of our customers reviews on Facebook or on the Motor Ombudsman website!

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