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Car repairs in Salisbury and surrounding areas | Rangers Garage News

Do you need car repairs in Salisbury or the surrounding areas?

Generally, whenever you require car repairs that are in between your yearly MOT or service, they will be unexpected, expensive and always come at the worst of times. These emergency car repairs may mean your vehicle is off the road for a period of time, so is essential that it’s fixed quickly.

If you are looking for car repairs in Salisbury or in Durrington, Rangers Garage can efficiently fix most issues. In this article, we outline the most common car repairs we see and also cover some of the key reasons you should choose Rangers Garage.

Cambelt change

No one wants to hear that their cambelt requires a replacement, it’s one of those car repairs that we all dread. However, the horror stories you’ve heard are probably from car owners who have left it way to long and therefore have destroyed other parts of their vehicle in the process. If you catch this issue early, a cambelt change doesn’t have to be such a nightmare.

Why would my cambelt require replacement?

Your cambelt (also known as timing belt) is a key part of your vehicle to keep your engine working. It’s basically a rubber band that can perish and can snap if not replaced in time. Unfortunately, as it’s not something you can see from just looking under the bonnet, it can be hard to tell if and when it will break.

Some signs you can look out for include;

  • Trouble starting the car
  • Loud high pitched noises (particularly prominent in wet weather)
  • Leaks
  • Smoke from the engine

How much is it going to cost me?

This is completely dependent on the vehicle make and model and the number of miles that your car has racked up. It also depends if it has already snapped (therefore other engine fixes may be required) or if we are replacing it before it’s broken. It can be anything from £200- £1200 but we will try to advise during your car service if we feel it’s worth replacing.

Air conditioning regas

With the extremely hot weather that we’ve been experiencing, summer is quite possibly the worst time for your air con to give up on you. Many of our customers have been coming in for their air gas regas (recharge) to ensure it’s in good condition over the hot months. 

A regas is a quick fix, and is required when you notice that the air coming from your air con isn’t particularly cold or isn’t powerful enough.

Top tip! Don’t use one of the ‘Do it yourself’ regas kits you can buy online, they are nearly the same price as getting a professional to do it, and if something goes wrong your bill will be a lot worse, leave it to our technicians.

Some air cons will get to a point where they require a complete fix. Certain elements within the air con system that can give up on you include;

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Accumulator
  • Dryer

If you notice that there is a strange smell coming from your air con or it’s not very powerful, these can be signs that one of the crucial parts has failed.

Any of these failures can cause serious fluid leaks which can cause other additional issues. Full air con fixes can cost anything between £59 – £100 and needs to be done by a specialist.

Coil spring replacement

We’ve had quite a few customers coming into the garage recently as their coil spring has snapped, this is predominantly due to the increased amount of pot holes that are around at this time of year.

Your coil spring is part of the front suspension, if your spring has snapped you may notice one of the following symptoms;

  • Unbalanced car – you have springs on both sides of the car, so if one is broken you will notice your vehicle may tilt to one side
  • Quicker wear and tear on tyres – the uneven weight on one side may wear down your tyres
  • Bouncing – before the spring fails completely you may notice it bouncing, especially when you are hitting those pesky potholes

Coil spring replacements generally cost between £120 -£200

We have plenty of knowledgeable technicians to help you

We pride ourselves on offering first class, reliable advice to our customers, whilst still being able to offer affordable rates for your car repairs in Salisbury. Our returning customer base have commented time and time again on how knowledgeable our team come across, which is a testament to how we work.

Friendly service, always helpful and go the extra mile would highly recommend.- Wayne, customer of Rangers Garage

We are competitively priced

You can rest assured that if you choose Rangers Garage for your car repairs in Salisbury that we will be competitively priced, even in comparison to the larger car servicing franchises in the city and nearby towns.

Need to arrange car repairs in Salisbury or the surrounding area? Get in touch

Rangers Garage is conveniently open Monday – Saturday and with our early opening time of 0830, it means we can work around your busy schedule and can even arrange vehicle recovery if you are local to us.

Whether you need to book your regular service or yearly MOT or require car repairs, then get in touch by calling us on 01980 655555, our friendly and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to help… and be sure to like our facebook page.


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