Car repairs in Salisbury: the good, the bad and the ugly

Car repairs in Salisbury

Necessary car repairs always seem to come at the worst of times; just before payday, at the start of a pricey month, or just when you’re thinking about changing your car up. Quite frankly, car repairs in Salisbury are something everyone tries to avoid. Unfortunately, some bumps and scrapes are just not worth ignoring and… Read more »

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Making your vehicle last longer after your car servicing in Salisbury

Car servicing in Salisbury at Rangers Garage

Regular car servicing in Salisbury is the best way to avoid breakdowns and prolong the life of your vehicle if you’re a car owner in Salisbury or surrounding areas including Durrington. Regular servicing helps to keep your car on the road, trouble-free and running smoothly. To make your vehicle last longer, minimise repair bills and… Read more »

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