Has your MOT expired?

Has your MOT expired?

After the COVID-19 MOT exemption that took place whilst garages were closed during the first lockdown, many motorists have been found to be driving without a passed MOT. An article published by Garage Wire, has suggested that over 2 million drivers could be roaming the roads illegally now that restrictions have been lifted and drivers […]

How to keep your car safe

How to Keep Your Car Safe | Rangers Garage Durrington | News

With the amount of faffing that goes into buying a car, you’d think that would be the worst problem you’d ever have to deal with as a driver… Unfortunately, that isn’t quite the case.  If you’re looking for top tips on how to keep your car safe, read on to learn about the simple precautions […]

Everything You Need To Know About Choosing New Tyres

Choosing new tyres

When was the last time you had all or any of your tyres changed? Whether you were given an advisory for one of more of them last time you had an MOT or service… but haven’t touched them since, or it might have been a while since you’ve driven your car and they could do […]

Top Tips To Reduce The Chances Of Breaking Down This Winter

Top Tips To Reduce The Chances Of Breaking Down This Winter | Rangers Garage

With bigger things happening in the world right now (we won’t mention the ‘C’ word), it’s easy to forget about your vehicle. Whether you’re not using it quite so often, or have to use it to do your essential shops, you’ll need to make sure that it is in peak condition before you set off […]

Rangers Garage – COVID-19 Update – 05/01/2020

Rangers Garage - COVID-19 Update - 05/01/2020

The Ranger family and staff are pleased to let you know that measures are still in place to allow you to safely bring your vehicle in for all the ‘usuals’, such as maintenance, tyres, servicing, repairs and MOTs. The following safety measures are still in place, including:  Installed protective screens – Our reception has fitted […]