Break your bad habits in 2019! Driving advice and tips from local car garage in Salisbury

Break your bad habits in 2019! Driving advice and tips from local car garage in Salisbury

Let’s be realistic, who actually keeps to their New Year’s resolutions? Scrap the classic ‘lose a few pounds’ or ‘be more organised’ and make some changes that you can keep! If you had any ‘near misses’ in 2018, or just feel like your driving needs polishing up, then break your bad habits in 2019 with driving advice and tips from Rangers Garage, a local car garage in Salisbury.

We asked our team about some of the worst driving habits they regularly come across, and it was unanimous. If you know you are a culprit of any of these, STOP and change your ways!

1. Not using your indicators

Are you a lazy driver? Everyone we asked said that this was a huge gripe of theirs and one of the worst driving habits you can get into. Not indicating can really burn a hole in your pocket too, with the fine for careless driving being up to a whopping £5000 and 9 points! That’s quite a risk to take for a driving necessity that will take a matter of seconds.

If you know you are a lazy driver at times, just think of how frustrating it is when you are behind someone not indicating, as well as being dangerous.

If you are made aware that your indicators or lights are not working efficiently, bring your car to us for a check-up. As a top car garage in Salisbury, we can diagnose most issues with your vehicle, and fix problems or replace bulbs where necessary.

2. Using your phone whilst driving

This is a biggy! Not only is it illegal, but using your phone whilst driving is extremely dangerous too. If caught, you will receive six points on your license and a £200 fine, whilst being caught twice will end up in disqualification.

Our advice would be to not allow your phone to be a distraction, keep it in your bag and away from arms reach. Most cars now have Bluetooth capabilities, so just remember, that if it’s important, they’ll call you back! iPhones have also introduced a feature allowing your phone to be silenced when it detects you are driving, so you won’t be distracted, even if it’s set to vibrate.

Did you know? In 2017, more than 26,000 motorists were caught for using a mobile phone whilst driving.

3. Not keeping to the speed limit

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘It’s a limit, not a target’, but let’s be honest, when you’re stuck behind someone going 20mph in a 40mph zone it can be even more dangerous than sticking to the speed limit, with the potential of risky overtaking. We are in no way saying you should go over the limit, but just be aware of drivers around you and respect the speed that’s been put in place.

4. Cutting people up

We reckon this must be in the top 5 causes of road rage! Cutting people up is such an unnecessary bad habit whilst driving, and one that can be avoided by just being a little more patient and sussing out your journey prior to setting off.

On the other hand, if you are the one being cut up, compose yourself and don’t let the road rage build as this can make the situation more of a risk to you and other drivers around you.

5. Tailgating

As a car garage in Salisbury that offers a range of services, it’s safe to say we’ve seen our fair share of bumps and scratches, as well as some more unfortunate accidents leading to the car being written off.

If you are someone who occasionally ends up tailgating the car in front of you, maybe they are going too slow or you are in rush, just remember that it can end up with both you and the other driver getting into an accident.

So, what’s actually classed as tailgating?

Maybe you don’t even realise you’re doing it! You will be classed as tailgating if you are less than 2 seconds from the car in front of you. However, in wet or icy conditions a longer distance is recommended. For this reason, although tailgating is illegal it can sometimes be hard to prove and therefore enforce a fine.

Do you blame your bad habits on your car?

If you’ve read this article and know you do any (or all) of these bad driving habits, what’s your excuse? If you’re blaming your car, maybe your brakes are failing you or your lights are temperamental (sorry there’s no excuse for using your mobile phone), then bring your vehicle to a car garage in Salisbury, such as Rangers Garage.

As a leading car garage in Salisbury, based in Durrington, we offer MOTs, services, general repairs and tyres at affordable and competitive prices. Give our team a call on 01980 655555 or contact us online here.

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