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A guide to car servicing in Salisbury – Top tips from an independent car garage

Regular car servicing is essential in reducing the risk of breakdown or costly repairs. Like fuel and MOTs, you should consider servicing as an essential running cost that should be thought about when you own a car.

Our guide highlights what car servicing in Salisbury is, how often you should service your car as well as the importance of having your vehicle serviced regularly.

What is a car service?

To put it simply, a car service consists of a number of simple maintenance procedures that involve checking, refilling or replacing different components of a vehicle. Once completed, the details will be recorded in your car’s service book so you can keep track of the dates and details of your service history. It is also a log for new buyers to review in order to determine the upkeep of the car, if you come to sell.

If you’re still unsure about what a car service is, or have additional questions, please read our FAQ page here >>

How often should you service your car?

Manufacturers often recommend that a car should be serviced every 12 months, or 12,000 miles – whichever one comes first. However, this recommendation does vary from car to car so be sure to check your vehicle’s handbook if you’re unsure.

Nowadays, most modern cars also feature a self-diagnostic system which helps advise the driver on when a service is due. Drivers shouldn’t ignore these signs, even if they occur before 12,000 miles or 12 months. They should be checked ASAP.

What’s the difference between an MOT and a car service?

It’s very important to not get confused about the purpose of an MOT or a service as they both perform very different functions.

Whilst it’s not a legal requirement, taking your car into a garage for regular servicing is highly recommended, unlike an MOT test, an annual service is not a legal requirement.

MOT tests and services can be quite similar as both include checks such as tyres, brakes and seatbelts. However, a service is more thorough and includes the replacement of fluids, primarily the engine oil, to maintain the smooth running of your car.

The main difference between the two is that a service is a vehicle inspection based on guidelines set out by your vehicle manufacturer that keeps your car in a reliable, safe and fully-functioning condition.

If your car is in need of an MOT in Salisbury, contact our team at Rangers Garage who can help you get booked in. Just phone us on 01980 655555.

What is checked during a car service in Salisbury?

At our independent car garage, our trained technicians follow a strict car servicing schedule for every service we complete. This ensures that your car runs smoothly and safely once you leave our garage. Full services include, but are not restricted to:

  • Coolant top-ups
  • Visual inspection
  • Checks of the brakes
  • Testing of the battery and exhausts
  • Oil and fluid checks and top-ups
  • Tyre checks including tread depth
  • Ensure the lights are in full working order

Why should I service my car?

  • Catch the issue quickly – Services can help spot problems before they happen, which will give you time to think about how best to approach and finance your car maintenance.
  • Maintain value – A car with evidence of regular servicing (or even better a full-service history) is likely to attract more potential buyers and a higher selling price.
  • Save cost – Fresh oil and new air filters allow the engine to run smoothly, which can help the car be more fuel-efficient.
  • Decrease chances of a breakdown – Breakdowns can be costly and inconvenient, especially if you have to rely on public transport or car rental costs until your vehicle is fixed. Servicing your car will help avoid this.

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Where can I take my car to be serviced?

When looking for car servicing in Salisbury, you will want to be sure that you are getting a reliable service from trained technicians that have plenty of experience.

Rangers Garage is an independent car garage that is family run and has been established for over 100 years. We have found that our customers return time and time again for their car servicing in Salisbury, and never left feeling disappointed! Get in touch to book your car service in Salisbury on 01980 655555.

Excellent service and value for money. Friendly knowledgeable technicians who will go that extra mile to keep you on the road. I’ve been taking my cars to Rangers for the last 18 years for servicing and MOTs and never had cause for complaint. Outstanding.
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